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Your Cocoa Beach Area Standup Paddle Board Shop

The paddle board market has thankfully come to a point where you can get quality boards at a reasonable price–if you shop smart! Come see us for a pleasant price reality check for entry-level and performance standup paddle boards for flat water family recreation, surfing, cruising, fishing, inflatable paddle boards and racing SUPs. SoBe Surf carries a full line of stand-up paddle boards from, INFINITY SUP (The best of the best in performance full carbon boards),  ECS Boards Australia, POP Paddle Boards, Riviera Paddle Surf, and Go Foil!  The best brands and values in the market! We have a great line-up of demo boards available at our Merritt Island shop and adventure center and always have amazing in-store discounts all SUPs! Come demo before buying at our private water launch down the street from our shop.

Our pro-level expertise, personal service and outstanding prices are hard to beat. We offer free advanced stroke training from our pro staff with each board purchase, so its worth the trip to Cocoa Beach / Merritt Island to get your next standup paddle board. Have a look below for more info!

(Above) SoBe Surf Owner Girard Middleton at Podium for winning Waterman’s Challenge SUP Surfing June 2019……

(below) SoBe Surf Owner Girard Middleton’s 1st Place Trophies for Short board, Long Board and Race Board SUP Surfing in the Waterman’s Challenge Surf Contest June 2019

sobe surf and paddle store front with wife and flowers
ECS Boards Australia Paddle Boards in SoBe Surf & Paddle
Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle surfing ECS Boards Australia Turbo SUP
Girard Middleton and wife Kristine Middleton at their Sobe Surf & Paddle shop
Girard Middleton and Daughter Audrey at SoBe Surf & Paddle
Riviera Voyagers in SoBe Surf & Paddle board shop
Girard Middleton and daughter Audrey Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle
POP Paddle Boards Bamboo close up at SoBe Surf & Paddle
SoBe Surf & Paddle 635 S. Plumosa St #11 Merritt Island Florida street view
Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle surfing a ECS Boards Australia Race Board
Audrey and Kona Middleton at SoBe Surf & Paddle
Lockracks and Thule racks at SoBe Surf & Paddle
Kristine Middleton selling her first hand made SoBe Surf t-shirt to customer
Girard Middleton on Infinity SUP B-line SoBe Surf & Paddle
Audrey Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle Infinity SUP b-line
Kristine Middleton showing her SoBe Surf & Paddle Shirt
Happy Customers on their new paddle boards from SoBe Surf & Paddle
Audrey Middleton 2 year birthday party at sobe surf & paddle
Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf on a Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager Classic SUP Stand up Touring Board 12'6" dog Kona
Audrey Middleton part Owner of SoBe Surf & Paddle
SoBe Surf & Paddle Demo Day ECS Boards Australia
SUP surfing in Cocoa Beach with Girard Middleton
SoBe Surf & Paddle family owner operators girard middleton kristine middleton audrey middleton
Girard Middleton SoBe Surf & Paddle Fishing SUP Board with dog Kona

Currently In Stock

Merritt Island SUP Board Shop

We have the largest floor space and inventory of any paddle board shop in the area. Here’s what we currently have in store:

  • We are the REGIONAL DEALERS for INFINITY SUP,  ECS Boards Australia, POP Paddle Boards and Riviera!
  • Paddles by ECS Boards Australia, POP, Hippo Stick, and Kialoa!
  • Surfboards by Riviera and ECS Boards Australia!
  • Race boards, cruising boards, SUP surfboards, fishing boards, and inflatables!
  • Hydro Foil equipment by GoFoil
  • Car racks by Lock Rack, Thule, PFDs, and a wide range of other accessories.

We just became the regional dealer for Infinity, ECS Boards Australia and POP Paddle Boards… In our opinion the best brands and prices on the market! Looking for something in particular? Stop in to our local Merritt Island SUP shop or give us a call! Either way, we’ll share our expertise with you to help you find the board that you’ll have most fun on!

Call SoBe Surf & Paddle at (321) 926-6571 for more info!


Video project interviewing SoBe Surf Owner/Operator Girard Middleton about humans’ connection with the ocean… part of a larger project “Into the Blue” by MGWpro Productions.

Infinity SUP “RNB” model Stand up Paddle Surf Board

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews Infinity SUPs fun shape SUP surfing board the “RNB” or “Round Nose Blurr”. Premium carbon fiber construction. Great blend of speed and stability.

Infinity SUP “B-line” model Stand up Paddle Surf Board

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews Infinity SUPs performance longboard shape full carbon construction paddle surf board, the “New Deal”.

ECS Boards Australia  “Wide Boy” model Stand up Paddle Board

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews ECS Boards Australia’s higher end bamboo construction SUP surfing paddle board. Performance and stability shape, the “Wide Boy”.

ECS Boards Australia “Evo” model Stand up Paddle Board

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews the “Evo” model stand up paddle board, ECS Boards Australia’s higher end bamboo construction all around SUP paddle board.

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews ECS Boards Australia’s entry level SUP all around board, the “Inception”.  Available in 10’6″ x 33″ and 10′ x 31″ sizes.

POP brand “Huckleberry” and “Classico” models Stand Up Paddle Boards

Pro SUPer Girard Middleton, Owner/Operator of Sobe Surf & Paddle in Merritt Island, Florida reviews the “Huckleberry” and “Classico” models stand up paddle boards, POP Paddle Board’s basic and bamboo construction all around standup paddle boards.

Riviera Paddlesurf “El Tigre” Stand Up Paddle Board

If you’re looking for a light, fast and strong SUP surfboard, the “El Tigre” by Riviera Paddlesurf is the best board we have found. Riviera is presently out of production but we still have a few boards in the shop. Check out our review video below!

Call SoBe Surf & Paddle at (321) 926-6571 for more info!


“I had the pleasure of meeting Girard through a board sale. I was looking to buy a short SUP, and Girard had just the board I was looking for. When I went with my friend to his shop to look at the board, he and his wife (plus his very sweet dog Kona) were very accommodating. Girard not only showed me the board of interest, but also took me on a tour of the lagoon so that I could demo the board before purchasing it. During the demo, he pointed out the wildlife in the lagoon–we even saw dolphins and manatees! Girard gave several tips along the way on how to utilize the board to catch the best surf. In the end, I bought the board; Girard never pressured me and gave me an excellent deal for the quality and condition of the board. The board was a blast sup surfing in the ocean, and I can’t wait to take it river surfing in Canada. Thanks, Girard!”
Lydia L. from Leesburg, Virginia, via Yelp
“I was demoing SUPs in the area to buy and Girard blew me away with his products and service! What a super nice, helpful guy! Every other store had little advice and just sent me out on the water. Girard took the time to discuss a lot of factors with me and gave amazing advice. He then took the time to come out on the water with me and corrected my stroke and stance! He even offered to take me to the ocean later to show me how to surf my SUP. His rental and purchase rates were better than the other 5 stores I went to, so save your time and money and just see him first!”
John S. from Satellite Beach, Florida, via Yelp
I have been buying and renting from Girard for several years. He’s more knowledgeable about SUP than anyone else I know. More importantly…fair and honest. Won’t sell you something he doesn’t think you need.
Dennis LeRoy, via Facebook

Buy Your Paddle Board from the SUP Experts!

SoBe Surf and Paddle is owned and operated by champion pro SUP athlete Girard Middleton.  All our staff are the experts in stand up paddle boarding in Florida. We’ve designed our own boards, we compete regularly in SUP races and SUP Surf contest as well as judge pro SUP surf competitions, and SoBe Surf has been a professional SUP school for many years. To put it simply, when it comes to stand up paddling in Florida, nobody has the level of experience and record of integrity as SoBe Surf! Come visit our new standup paddle board shop in the Cocoa Beach area, located at 635 S. Plumosa St. #11, Merritt Island, Florida 32952.  Our SUP shop has a private launch just down the street where buyers can demo boards and get free expert instruction for their new purchase!

SUP Paddle Board Shop Near Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island FL

First In The Sport

SoBe Surf is the area’s authorized dealer for Riviera Paddlesurf, Stellar SUP, Riviera longboards, and Girard Middleton Custom Designs. You’ll find a wide assortment of models—from beginner boards to flat-water racing boards to high-performance surfboards—for you to demo at our facility near Cocoa Beach. We accept all major credit cards, checks, direct deposits and cash. SoBe Surf is owned and operated by champion pro SUP athlete Girard Middleton and family, so come get expert advice and training when you buy.

Give us a call at (321) 926-6571 if there’s anything you’re looking for!

Personalized Service

SoBe Surf & Paddle has a private launch for board demos on the peaceful Banana River Aquatic Preserve just down the street from our stand up paddle board shop on Merritt Island near Cocoa Beach. We have a large range of boards for you to demo before making your decision to buy. We carry the top brands in stand up paddle boarding, and offer very competitive prices, honest advice, and personal service with integrity. SoBe Surf can train you, customize your equipment and paddle, and give personal service for a lifetime. We believe that buying your stand-up paddle board, paddle, and accessories is very personal and that it’s too big of an investment to just go pick one off the shelf at a store without expert advice and preferably taking it out for a test run beforehand.

Take One Out on the Water

Demo paddle boards and paddles of all shapes and sizes behind our standup paddle board shop before making your purchase. (You may even enjoy the company of a dolphin or manatee while doing so.) You’ll get honest, expert advice, personal training, and service in a private setting. Helping you purchase the right paddle board for you is only the beginning of our service. We’ll also customize your paddle to your size, get the Thule Racks designed for you vehicle, install your deck pads and other equipment, and offer you training and prolonged personal service for your SUP needs for years to come.

Performance stand up paddle surfing in Cocoa Beach, FL

Local Knowledge

We live, paddle and surf in Cocoa Beach Merritt Island, and our standup paddle board shop is located just a few blocks from our private water access. It’s easy to take out our wide range of demo boards before deciding on the one you will buy, and we’re happy to lend you our experience so that you can find the board that you will be stoked with!

SUP Surfing at Cocoa Beach Pier

International Shipping

We’re accustomed to working with international customers and international shippers/exporters to get you hard-to-find equipment more readily available in the United States. We can have most brands sent to your cargo/shipping hub at any US port. Sobe Surf has built a record of integrity with international orders over many years, made via phone or email. Contact us for more information!

Board Demos

Give us a call at (321) 926-6571 or send us a note by e-mail to find out about what we have in stock or to set up an appointment to demo a board!


SoBe Surf’s Cocoa Beach center is located on Merritt Island at 635 S. Plumosa Street #11. Have a look at the map below for directions. We look forward to seeing you here and having a great time in the water!

If you have any trouble finding us at our Cocoa Beach Merritt Island location, just give us a call at (321) 926-6571 and we’ll be glad to help you out!

More Things We Offer In Cocoa Beach

Check out these other things that we offer at our private on-the-water launch Cocoa Beach Merritt Island location!

Questions & Inquiries

Call us at (321) 926-6571 or send us an e-mail to get further information on our current inventory, prices, special order availability, or anything else that you’re looking for.